My Top 6 Tips For Establishing Your Personal Brand INSIDE Corporate America

Personal Branding in the workplace

I have always geared my coaching (and blogging) towards branding a person interested in building their own online business. These entrepreneurs are in fact whom I would consider my target audience. I have never stopped to think about branding oneself AT WORK. What for? Doesn't your job and the scope of your responsibility automatically BRANd who you are to your co-workers? Well, how often does it happen that your role is NOT exactly what you love to do, or even what you might be better at? Or, … [Read more...]

How Do I Make My Site Show Up On Mobile Devices Right

How To make your site show up on mobile devices

"A recent article published at shows that a whooping 40% of users will leave a site that does not show up well on their mobile phone." Ouch! That's a clear message right there. However, if you are reading this article it means you already know this and you are looking for a viable solution to make your blog show up on mobile devices right. The truth is that the answer is easier said than done, especially if you own a static website (html). But, I will leave static … [Read more...]

How To Become A Professional Blogger

How to become a professional blogger

If you are considering becoming a professional blogger I'd like to offer you some tips on how to get started and what the income potential is for bloggers. What Is A Blogger? A blogger is essentially an individual who writes articles to be published on the internet as blog posts. "A blogger does not need to only blog on his/her own blog." A blogger can easily become an "author" in other blogs and share his/her expertise that way. This not only helps with visibility on other higher authority … [Read more...]

Basic Principles of Blogging: Blogging Basics

Basic Principles of Blogging: Blogging Basics

Let's talk about some blogging basics Having a blog for your business, in my opinion, is probably one (if not THE) fastest way to gain an audience online, not to mention it does MAGIC for your brand! You see, if done correctly, a blog will allow your followers and potential customers to get to know YOU and YOUR BRAND. Think of it this way: Facebook is “the party place”, where people first meet you, where you mingle with a bunch of people and make small talk, and then decide who you may want … [Read more...]

How To Optimize A Blog Post [Video]

Here are my techniques for on-page and off-page optimization of blogs. These are the VERY basics you need to be doing to each and every post in order for Google to find ya! If you found my training valuable, leave me a comment and let me know. Thank you for stopping by! … [Read more...]

How To Create A Free Custom Header For Your Blog

I recorded an instructional video that shows you how to create a free header for your blog. You can use this header for any blog or website, including your empower network blog if you have one. I am actually walking you through how I built a banner for a teammate so you can sort of watch over my shoulder as I build this. The website I visited to build this is If this tutorial was helpful to you, I'd love your comment below letting me know! THANK YOU and best of luck! … [Read more...]

My Top 10 Favorite Plugins


HOT OFF THE PRESS!! Get a copy of My Personal Top 10 FREE Plugins I use on my Wodpress blog. These are hands-down MUST HAVES and will help your blog with visibility, user engagement and social media awesomeness! … [Read more...]

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How Do You Start A Blog

how to start a blog

How Do You Start A Blog This is a common question on the minds of new online entrepreneurs, or those aspiring to be. And a very good question it is. I have reached all of my business success 100% via blogging. Blogging is not only one of the fastest way to get your information out to the world, but also the easiest platform to do it with. And if you have the funds to hire someone to set it up for you, then that is BY FAR even faster than if you do it yourself. :-) But I am all about self … [Read more...]

How To Create A YouTube Background (2013) [video]

Here is a short tutorial on how to brand your Youtube channel with a background image that matches your online presence. Please note that for these custom youtube images you will need some type of graphic software and a basic design and layout knowledge. If you do not have these, then you can still make your channel look livelier by at least changing the channel color or Google some free YouTube backgrounds that may match your interest. Ok here is the video. Under the video are the files … [Read more...]

How To Organize Your Blog Content [video]

In this short video tutorial I am going to show you a cool plugin that I use to organize my blogs throughout the month. It is super easy and flexible and it is also free (bonus!). Take a quick look and then go implement so you too can see the light at the end of your blog! If you enjoyed watching this video and learned something new, leave me a comment below and tell me ok?? Comments help me and they also help YOU because a link to YOUR latest blog post will show up with your comment. … [Read more...]

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